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Table Setups

Auto-buy-in (Table joiner)
This is a very handy function. You define for all your limits your buyin amount. Whenever you open a table PartyTools will automatically take a free seat and buy in with your predifined limit. Automatically! It manages all options like "Auto rebuy to max" or "wait for BB" and "Auto-post blind" for you. If you don't want auto buyin when you open tables but you like fast seat taking you can bind this to a hotkey or you simply klick on "seat open" and PartyTools will handle the rest.

Queue Playing
You can define for all PartyPoker buttons (fold, check, raise and so on) hotkeys, so that you control the buttons from your keyboard or with your mouse. When you play many tables, it makes you sick clicking on buttons all the time? With this tool, you only need to go with your mouse in the window and press your hotkey. So you go sure, that your command is REALLY in the right window. But if you want, you can adjust the settings that the target window is the window which is active in this moment.

Window Hotkeys
This feature can be handy for some users. You can bind a hotkey to a window. When you press this hotkey, the window will come to the foreground and will get activated.

Sit & Go Functions

Partypoker supports now "Auto rebuy to max". But for shortstack players this isn't what they need. With the Party Tools rebuy function you can set your limit on every NL and FL level and perform a rebuy on hotkey to your limit. If you want, PartyTools detects when you drop below your limit and perform an auto rebuy. The RebuyScript is also working for FixedLimit games